A Look at the Air Jordan 1 Marquette PE

Perhaps some of the most sought-after kicks in the game are collegiate player exclusives. While some PEs are gems in this game, there’s something about collegiate exclusives that excite sneakerheads like no other shoe can. Some of the most legendary PEs come in the form of the Air Jordan 3, the Air Jordan 4 and, of course, the Air Jordan 1.

While college basketball is on hold, that’s not stopping the heat from coming out from the shadows. We get an exclusive look at the Air Jordan 1 Marquette PE that adds to the legacy of the AJ1 and further cements that college players get laced with some absolute fire.

The PE is rumored to be limited to 40 pairs. Aside from its already exclusive status, this Air Jordan 1 features premium materials for an added touch. The shoe is composed of cracked leather, faux croc, and faux stingray leathers dipped in a light blue, navy blue, and gold as it serves as the perfect tribute to the Marquette Golden Eagles.

Take a detailed look at the PE below thanks to @EnglishSole. Would you like to see Jordan Brand release these at some point? Let us know.

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