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Baseball is Back! Opening Day | July 23, 2020

Screw you Covid-19 you can’t take baseball from us! Its Opening Day here on planet Earth and I’ve never been more excited. Its so much sweeter than any other Opening Day in the past. And with that being said, lets recap some bets I placed today, shall we?

Bet Placed: San Francisco Giants vs Los Angeles Dodgers (-1.5 -160)

Lets face it, the San Francisco Giants are going to have a rough (shortened) year. With Evan Longoria out, new Manager Gabe Kapler working out the kinks, Brandon Belt injured, and having to face the World Series favorites on Opening Day – chances are I’m betting against them. And thats exactly what I did.

So much so, that I think they’re going to lose to the Los Angeles Dodgers by more than 1 run. And I’ll even pay -160 to see it happen.

It wasn’t even close. Dodgers win 8-1. $160 to win $100. Winner winner.


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Bet Placed: LA Dodgers Moneyline & Los Angeles Lakers ML (2 team parlay -100)

Ok so I’m not too upset that I lost this. I’m also not upset that I bet a scrimmage NBA game. Theres money to be made everywhere.

I’m more upset with myself that I didnt see the full picture of the Lakers gameplan against the Dallas Mavericks.

Lebron posted on social media earlier in the day that he wasn’t going to take this scrimmage game lightly. And he didn’t. He dominated the first half along with the rest of the Lakers team. They didn’t miss a beat.

2nd half came and Lebron and AD didn’t play at all. Dion Waters got a shitload of playing time and JR Smith even got a little action as well. Dion looked good for being out of the game for so long but JR looked like pretty rough. You could tell he wasn’t ready Game 1.

On top of all that, there were too many new pieces that the Lakers wanted to try out towards the end of the game. The Mavs were already settled in with their team and gameplan. The Lakers were not. And I didnt realize that until I actually saw it play out. And I hate it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still open to betting scrimmage NBA if the opportunity is there, but for now, I’ll keep myself preoccupied with MLB action.

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