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Day 2 of MLB | July 24, 2020

Fancy seeing you here, Day 2 of Major League Baseball. After getting just a small sample of baseball yesterday (not even a sample, more of a “whiff” of baseball), I was ready to get dirty today with my trades.

Bet Placed: Houston Astros ML & Boston Red Sox ML (2 team parlay -100 $50)

I’m always weary about betting big on teams within the first few games of the season. You never know if a team is going to stumble out of the gate, if it takes some time to knock the rust off, or even if the other team ends up being the Sleeper of the Year.

Which is why I only put $50 on the 2 team parlay with the Astros and Red Sox. Both started off a bit slow but midgame both teams took control of the game. Easy win.


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