For All Conspiracy Theorists: The Lottery is Verified & Why It’s Not Rigged

The NBA is not a single entity. It is run by 30 billionaires with divergent interests. Never is this more clear than at the NBA lottery. In order to guarantee the fairness of the lottery, the NBA hires E&Y accounting.

A bit about Ernst & Young accounting: they are a big four accounting firm. They have over 30 billion a year in revenue. They have 250,000 employees. They are considerably bigger than the nba, and it is their reputation that keeps them around. They facilitate mergers between some of the largest corporations in the world because they can be trusted to account things accurately.

All of this is to say, E&Y is hirer to protect owners from each other and guarantee the fairness of the lottery. No owner wants to lose a draft pick to another owner, and E&Y doesn’t give a fuck about rigging the lottery to send a player somewhere. They care about their reputation. Rigging the lottery to screw a billionaire and the ensuing scandal would be far greater damage to them than any potential incentive the NBA could offer. Suggesting a conspiracy between these parties is completely silly. Finally, the tv show is not the lottery, it’s the reveal. The lottery is done behind scenes, in front of team representatives and media members.

For those that are interested in what the Draft Lottery actually looks like…see below. Its riveting…


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