How to Build a Basketball Body

In today’s game of basketball, the level of athleticism is unmatched in history. Yes, many player are naturally gifted, but if you want to be elite, you must commit to your own basketball training program. You will be a step behind your competition, literally and figuratively, if you aren’t actively trying to improve your strength, quickness and vertical jump.

As a former collegiate and professional basketball player, I have seen my fair share of basketball workouts, some better than others. My goal is to help you develop a program that will not only help you match your competition, but get a step ahead.

As a basketball player, you want a workout that is specifically designed for your sport. Compare an NBA player’s body to an NFL player’s body. You will see a big difference. That’s because they train differently and have different goals. You don’t want a bodybuilder workout in which you are trying to deadlift 500 pounds. Your basketball workout plan should build the fast-twitch muscles you need to jump and sprint.

Below is a sample basketball workout plan. Adjust the sets and reps up or down for age or skill level differences.

Basketball Workout Plan

Monday – Chest/Triceps

Tuesday – Legs/Abs

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Back/Shoulders/Biceps

Friday – Legs/Abs

Perform each exercise as explosively as possible. Practice good form and always lift with a spotter.

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