In Game Bet: Orlando Magic vs. Houston Rockets

First official bet of my new site and it was a piece of cake. The Magic came out of the gate strong and Houston did not. I typically don’t jump into a game too quickly, but Houston lives and dies by the 3. As soon as they start hitting, I know the moneyline is going to SHOOT up for the Rockets.

With 5:41 remaining in the first quarter, the Magic were up 20-11 when Harden drew a foul. I knew as soon as he sank his first free throw, he’d be back in the swing of things. Thats when I jumped on the Houston ML -350 for $1000.

As expected, the Rockets started hitting threes left and right. The Magic did not. The Rockets scored 24 points that remaining 5:41 of the first and scored another 35 in the second. At halftime, the Magic were +2000 on the moneyline and I called it a day. $60 on the Magic at +2000 for an easy profit of $216.

God I love this game.

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