In Game: Cavs vs Pacers

With the Cavs coming off a strong comeback win against Washington on Tuesday, I was waiting to see who would show up this time. Last time is with Kevin Love with a strong 30 point performance, and this time it was Kyle Korver with his first statement game with the Cavs.

I signed up with another new sportsbook here in Vegas, CG Technologies. I started to get a bit nervous that they might ban my account if I bet on both sides with my William Hill app, so at least this way I can bet one side on one app and the other side on the other app.

Watching how the beginning of the game played out, the Pacers just were not missing shots. Statistically, Pacers have a strong first half at home and usually ease up on the gas pedal in the second half, which is exactly what happened. I definitely jumped on it too early, but when the Cavs were down 14-22 with 5 minutes remaining in the first, I took $1000 Cavs ML +105.

The biggest obstacle is to figure out when the bottom hits, you really don’t know when a team is (hopefully) going to turn it around. In this case, the Cavs ended up falling to 18-33 in the first which brought them to +160. That was the highest they were posted all game until they started their comeback. So I had the right mindset, but just didn’t hit the bottom as well as I wanted to.

In any case, Cavs came STORMING back in the 2nd, and dominated the 3rd behind the 10,000 3’s Kyle Korver hit. JUST TO BE SAFE, in the middle of the 4th, I took $300 on Pacers +540 to cover my bases, but ended up with a profit of $750 guaranteed. 

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