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Review: Station Casinos “STN Sports” App

STN Sports: The Best Sports Betting App in Vegas?

Every successful bettor / investor needs his or her tools to make money. One of my most important tools, other than my iPhone X and data table, is Station Casino’s STN Sports App (STN Sports).

Developed by Miomni Gaming, the STN Sports app is one of the best mobile sports betting apps, but its not perfect. Lets get straight to it.

First Things First – You Need to Sign Up & Download the STN Sports App

Before you’re able to use the app, you need to go to a Stations Casino and sign up. That usually requires a form of ID, a players card number, and your social security number. No getting around it, they’re pretty strict on this.

Once you are all signed up, now you need to download the app. Open up your App Store (or Google Play Store) and search for “STN Sports”. Be careful, because there are multiple apps created by Station Casinos, all using the “STN” brand name. So make sure you downloaded the right one. The icon should look like the screenshot below.

Station Casino STN Sports Mobile App

STN Sports Loading Screen

The Home Screen

Once your STN Sports app is downloaded, open it up you’ll be greeted by a large an easy to navigate home screen – giving you 4 options to choose from: Sports, In Play, Parlay Cards, and Race. I don’t typically use Parlay Cards nor do I horse race (yet!). Sports and In Play is where you’ll be spending most of your time.

Station Casino STN Sports Mobile App

STN Sports Home Screen

Pregame Bets and Opportunities

Click on “Sports” and you’ll be taken to a list of all of the available games you can trade on. From Baseball to Basketball to UFC/MMA. For the major sports, you usually have a lot of betting options to choose from. If you’re looking for a lot of trading options for other, lesser bet on sports – like Golf or Tennis – you’re better off elsewhere. STN Sports provides just the basic of betting opportunities with those sports. Which is fine, its important to have betting accounts on numerous sportsbetting apps, which we’ll get into later.

Station Casino STN Sports Mobile App

A list of sports you can trade on in the STN Sports app

But with the more popular sports, you’ll see there are a lot of trading opportunities pregame. Lets click on Pro Basketball for example. Game 1 of the NBA Finals is coming up this week, so you’ll see a lot options to choose from. In this case, with Golden State Warriors taking on the Cleveland Cavaliers, you can choose how many games you think the series will go (I think it’ll be a sweep but we’ll get into that later too!). The odds with STN are usually pretty consistent across the board, which is great. Its always important to shop around for the best lines, and usually you’ll see the same line on STN compared to the other local apps here in Vegas.

Station Casino STN Sports Mobile App

Trade Options to Choose From For The Cavs/Warriors Game


Station Casino STN Sports Mobile App

How Many Games Will The Finals Be?


Station Casino STN Sports Mobile App

Choose the Exact Number of Games and How Many Wins


Station Casino STN Sports Mobile App

Get in on Some WNBA Action


Station Casino STN Sports Mobile App

Or Maybe Even Some MLB Action?


Station Casino STN Sports Mobile App

There Are a LOT of MLB Games Today


Station Casino STN Sports Mobile App

Station Casino Mobile App

My Favorite Part: The In Game Bets

So you would typically spend all of your time in the “Sports” section if its pregame, or if you’re betting futures, etc. Where I personally spend even more time, is the “In Play” section. This is a crucial selling point for me on this app because of how intuitive it is. If there are no major sports on at the moment, the screen will look similar to the screenshot below, showing what games are coming up and will be available for In Play trading.

Station Casino STN Sports Mobile App

Upcoming In Play Schedule

Once a game starts, you’ll see it stand out amongst the ones that are yet to start. By selecting the active game, it’ll take you to a screen that should be pretty self explanatory. Depending on what sport you select, it’ll show you up to the second score up top, along with the time remaining in the quarter/period or inning. Pull down to refresh the page, it’ll refresh on its own, but its not as fast as when you do it manually yourself.

As mentioned, depending on what sport you’ve chosen, you’re going to be presented with a list of opportunities to trade. It may seem a bit overwhelming at first, especially needing to be QUICK at placing these bets since the game is going on at the moment and odds change within seconds, but after a while you’ll start seeing a trend of what bets are available to trade. STN Sports does a good job at keeping selections in the same spot, but sometimes they do get moved around a bit, so its important to take an extra second or two to ensure you’re placing the right trade (I’m embarrassed to say its happened to me a few times when I’m rushing).

Once you select a trade opportunity, a popup will show on the bottom of the page that shows a goodies:

  • The option to always place a bet, even if the odds change in your favor during the “Placing Bets” process (I typically have this checked)
  • The option to always place a bet, even if the odds DON’T change in my favor (I would never have this selected)
  • A confirmation of what bet you’re placing. Double check this to make sure your bet is correct
  • The amount that you’re betting. By default, I believe the amount is $5 but you can change the default amount in Settings
  • A “Place Bet” button

Once you select the “Place Bet” button, it’ll take a few seconds to process. During those few seconds, depending on what happens in the game or what happens with the odds, it could kick it back and say either “The Odds Have Changed” or “Betting is Suspended” which just means you have to try again to place the bet. Or it could accept and show you a “Bet Placed” popup.

I’d say in terms of speed, this is where STN Sports falters. Compared to William Hill, the time it takes to place a live, in-game bet can take anywhere between 5-15 seconds. A lot can happen in between that time and usually its not in your favor. Which is why its important to have the option selected “Always Place Bets When Odds are Better” and NOT have the option selected “Always Place Bets Even if the Odds Change”.

Once you place your bet, you can click on the Account icon on the bottom of the screen and select “Pending” on the My Account page, which will show you what bets you have that are active.

My Account

Now that we’re on the Account page, lets cover it. You’ll have 3 “tabs” at the top: Summary, Pending, and History.

Summary will show you your Account Number as well as your Available Sports Balance and how much you have in undecided bets. You can also deposit funds to your account on this page (although I would always recommend going into a Station Casino like Red Rock to deposit funds).

By clicking on Pending, you’ll see all of the bets that you have active as well as the amount you wagered and amount you’ll win.

History is exactly what it sounds like. You can see every transaction on your account from Deposits, Withdrawals, Bets Placed, Bets Won, and Bets Lost – all broken down by weeks. Click on any of those weeks to see a detailed report of each transaction.

Last up on the bottom navigation is Settings. Within settings, you’ll be able to view a few questions in their FAQ section, modify your default betting amount, keeping bets on the betting slip, etc…

Everyone should navigate through the Settings section on their app at least once, just to see the many ways you can customize your betting/trading experience. Modifying your default increments can not only save you time, but also get your bet placed before the odds change.

In Conclusion

Overall, I can confidently say that this app, STN Sports, is my go-to sports betting app. The In Game options are incredible, the pregame major sports bets available are up to par with other casino’s offerings, and the app is easy to use. That being said, its not perfect. The time it takes for a bet to officially “place” on an in-game bet can take up to 15 seconds (which can make you lose an opportunity on a winning bet). After using the app almost daily, you’ll start to notice some bugs in the app too, like the account page not updating automatically (sometimes you’ll have to log out and log back in again to see the most current balance in your account). And just recently, I’ve been having some issues changing the size of my In Game wager. Its almost like there is a “dead spot” on the betting amount section at times.

Even with all of its flaws, its still my most used app and compared to others that are available in the state of Nevada, its definitely a Top 3 Sports Betting app for me.

I’m Andrew Figurelli and I approve this STN Sports App.

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