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I’m a big fan of Timothy Sykes. If you don’t know who that is, he’s a stock trader that trades Penny Stocks. Not only has he made over a million doll hairs trading stocks, but he’s made even more creating a membership site that shows his students how he did it in the first place. His strategy is great and proven, its just a matter of locking in profits and minimizing his losses.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve signed up to his site twice over the past 8 years and haven’t been as successful as some of his other students. Stocks, as much as I love them, just don’t do it for me. Like 7th grade Biology, I just can’t keep my focus on it. Shoutout to Mrs. Perez.

I’m using his approach when it comes to sports betting, and thats why we’re here. I’m taking $500 and turning that into as much as I can while creating lessons for you to learn along the way. Going along the way on this journey together will not only be fun, but profitable.

I live in beautiful Las Vegas with my girlfriend thats way to hot to be with me and her 2 cats. Its a match made in Heaven. While she’s out doing cat-related things, I’m working from home building websites for clients. Thats important in this because I have a steady income coming in. I’m not chasing losses and I’m certainly not betting money I cannot afford to lose. I’m also not looking to withdraw any winnings for at least a few months, so that betting bank continues to increase at its fullest potential.

I have no idea how I’m going to run this site, nor do I care at this moment. All I want to focus on now is to blog about my thoughts on my planning, my anger when I lose and my feeling of invincibility when I win. Enough talk, just read my posts and feel free to let me know your thoughts as we go along this journey.

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