Sports Trading Recap: May 8th, 2018

Well I’d have to say, today was a pretty successful day. With 2 games on the NBA slate, Houston/Utah & Golden State/New Orleans, we had a lot of opportunities to make some solid money.

Utah Jazz vs Houston Rockets

With all of the injuries the Jazz have been facing and it being an elimination game, I felt the Rockets would come out swinging out of the gate:

Ricky Rubio – Out

Favors – Limited minutes with sore ankles

Dante Exum – Out, hamstring

Dante Exum being the most notable injury on the Jazz. Hes done such a great job at covering Harden all series, that on a game like this, its going to be a crushing blow for the Jazz because the Rockets are going to come running out of the gate.

At least thats what I thought…

Pre-game, I took Rockets 1st Quarter at -4.5 @ -107 for $50. Little did I know, the Rockets were going to brick every shot in the first quarter. But I knew it wasn’t going to last that long. This is the Rockets we’re talking about here…at home!

At one point during the 1st quarter, there was a 1st half line of Rockets -2.5. -2.5!!!! With at least 7 minutes left to go in the first quarter. I jumped allllll over that one. I added on Rockets 1st Half for -2.5 @-103 for $100.

As expected, the Rockets picked up the momentum and covered by 5 in the first quarter (that one was a little too close for comfort but I’ll take it) and then with a late surge in the last few minutes of the 2nd quarter, easily covered the -2.5 1st Half spread.

Leaving me with a profit of $142 in this first half.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been on a bit of a hot streak recently. If you look at my recent trades, you can see that I’ve won 9 out of my last 11 in the past 3 days.

While I’m super happy about that, I know that betting while you’re on a winning tilt is almost the same as betting while you’re on a losing tilt. I wanted to take the winnings I made for the 1st half and just enjoy the rest of the Houston / Utah game (which had a great ending) and also enjoy the Golden State / New Orleans game (which had a great ending).

As of May 8th, 2018, we’re up $907 to $1,907 after starting with $1000 on April 1st! See you tomorrow boys and girls.

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