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Why I Started My Sports Betting Bankroll With Only $1,385

Update 7-19: I just found out that I every trade I made from 5-1 through 5-6 didn’t get recorded. Its now July 19th and I have no clue what trades they were. They were tickets that I bought at the window so they aren’t on any app to keep record – I had to track it manually. The first record of my trades is on 6/6/18 with a bankroll total of $1,385. To keep my word on tracking every trade, I’m now proclaiming I started with a bankroll with $1,385 instead of $1,000. I don’t want any reason to doubt my record at any time.

I can already hear and see what commenters are saying in the comments section on social media.

“You can’t make a living off of sports betting with only a $1000 bankroll”

“You’re a fraud, you won’t last longer than 2 months #vegasdave”

“I bet $1000 per day lolololol step your game up loser”

Ohhhhh the joy, I cannot wait!

While those comments sound ridiculous, there is some truth to them.

Lets start with the first one:

“You can’t make a living off of sports betting with only a $1,000 bankroll”

My response: Thats a very good point, starting off with $1,000 as a bankroll isn’t ideal and if I’m looking to make this a legitimate income, I need to keep a level head, have patience, and utilize the tools that are available for in order to take advantage of that window of opportunity whenever it presents itself.

I also need to hold myself accountable. By following me, you’ll see every win and every loss. I’ll break down why I placed each trade and how I won/lost it. By writing this down and keeping a record of everything, it helps me stay grounded, learn from my mistakes, and allows me to see my progress a year from now.

When people say “you can’t make money off of sports betting”, my response will be “No, YOU can’t make money off of sports betting. Heres my proof.

And speaking of proof…

“You’re a fraud, you won’t last longer than 2 months #vegasdave”

So heres the deal. I’ve been following a LOT of handicappers on social media and on their own websites. I’ve seen fake followers commenting/liking/sharing posts, I’ve seen Photoshopped tickets made by handicappers, handicappers who send out a pick to half of their clients and the other side pick to the other half of clients, etc etc…its ugly.

Now keep in mind, these are people that call themselves sports consultants on social media and offer “VIP Packages” or “1st Half Play Packages”. These aren’t handicappers like Kenny White or Teddy Sevransky (who are legit Vegas handicappers), these are people who claim to better than they actually are – and its unfortunate because its so easy to hear the world “sports consultant” or “tout” and think “fraud”.

I totally get it.

And I know that a lot of people will automatically put me in that category at first – which is fine.

Check out every trade I’ve made. Watch my recap and strategy videos. Sign up for my Free 3 Day Trial. Let me know who else does this (as of July 18). Go ahead. I’ll wait…

And last but not least…

“I bet $1,000 per day lolololol step your game up loser”

$1,000 is a lot of money to a person. Its a lot of money to me, and anyone who brags that $1,000 is nothing to them – well good for them. But you need to focus on yourself and your own bankroll. Whether that bankroll is $1,000 or $100,000.

And its always bothered me that people post tickets $15,000 bets that are placed and shit on others who bet less than that. What does it matter? Its not like you are going to give any of your winnings to the people who follow you or your clients. A win is a win, regardless of if its a $50 win or a $5,000 win.

Don’t be discouraged or fall for these people posting insane ticket amounts. How you bet is your business – no one elses. Whats more important, is betting with a level head and feeling good about each bet you place, whether its a win or a loss.

I’ll create a blog post later about knowing how much to bet/trade, but for now, just focus on what YOU can afford to bet.

Don’t think that these people owe you anything and don’t think that they will give you any of their “winnings” either. Because they won’t.

And thats it! Lets get ready to build that bankroll up!

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